If being a pick up artist is your goal, you must improve your game all the time. You have to create an instantly good image with your target female. Your prestige and viability are what will make your target allow you to make any first step or continue beyond the initial stage. Since you have set your eye on a hot woman, you simply have to be a hot man yourself. The level of hotness has to be sustained, as well, beyond the initial hello. In the eyes of a woman, you would do well if she deems you incredibly attractive and that goes beyond physical looks.

Zero Upgraded to Hero

The typical female has to think that you’re a prized catch for her to even reply to your first greeting. The first few minutes are crucial when you’re hitting on a woman. If you fail this moment, you will certainly find yourself in the despicable realm of rejection, and that will surely hurt your typical male ego. When you walk up to a woman and she senses that you’re impressing her for a hit, she will quickly evaluate you as either a dork or not. Remember that you are guilty unless proven innocent. Beyond your pick up skills, she will gauge you on your social skills. That is why to be successful at the art of picking up a woman, you have to be a better you.

Women Swoon at Sensitivity

Ask any woman and she’ll say that a prized male is the one with loads of sensitivity. This is not the wimpy sort but the socially aware kind. A successful PUA understands the sensitivities of a woman, thereby being sensitive himself. This is just being fair and square as a human being. A better man treats a woman well as a person. She will find you overwhelming if you come across as understated. That sounds ironic but true. Add a healthy dose of high standards that you have of women and she will quickly regard you as a challenge. This challenge is what makes her interested beyond the initial hello and small talk.