Asking for a second date is not as nerve wracking as asking for the first one. However, asking for a second date has been a lost art and everyone is getting complacent towards it. It is not that difficult when compared to asking for a first one though. You already have established rapport in the first date and you have established some sort of connection the first time you went out. So, asking for a second date can be easy after having a good first date.

Your first date is, of course, the prerequisite to your second date. Securing a first date starts with you asking someone to go out on a date with you; be it dinner, lunch, a visit to the park or a zoo. Finding a date may be easy for you nowadays as online dating services are available. It only takes one click of your computer mouse, some reading, and a good conversation online to find a possible date. You can also ask for a second date as easy as 1-2-3, given that you hit it off on your first date. You can either ask your date face-to-face, over the phone, or through a text message.

Thru SMS

Text messaging can give you so much flexibility as you can strike up a casual conversation before asking bringing up the subject of a second date. You can ask your date about her impression of you, how she feels towards you or if she’s comfortable with you. Ask relevant questions that would help you a good headway towards a “Yes” for a second date. Additionally, a casual text messaging can help you beyond a second date. It can also help you establish further your rapport so a deeper and more personal relationship is viable.

Over The Phone

If you want to be a bit more personal than just exchanging casual SMS messages, you can call your date and ask for a second date over the phone. Surely, you have your date’s mobile and home phone number, so it only takes hitting the call button. You have to make sure that you call at a convenient time and the proper time frame after the first date. Give your date some room to assess what happened on your first date. You don’t want to sound desperate by calling a day after your first date, but don’t wait too long. You can make your first date as your reference to close out the deal.


If you are gutsy, brave, and confident enough, you also have the option to ask for a second date right after your first one is ending. Asking your date for a second one as soon as the first one is ending gives her an idea of what your real intensions are – that you want to deepen your relationship further. This is the most direct way that you can ask for a second date, and your chances of closing the deal are higher if you ask immediately. If she can’t give you a straight answer, of course, you can resort to texting or calling her a few days after to confirm if a second date is possible. Check out Desire System.

Asking for a second date can be worrisome. However, if you are confident that your first one went well, and that both of you are comfortable with each other, why not go on a second date? So text her or call her, or talk to her face-to-face. Either way, you have to establish communication so you can secure a second date.