Going out on a date again after having a divorce can be difficult for you. A divorce is not a very pleasant thing to go through after being in a 10-year marriage or so. So here are some tips for you before you embark in the dating scene again.

Take it slow. You have been through an unpleasant and probably a miserable experience one has to go through in a lifetime, so take it easy. A casual lunch date or coffee with someone is okay. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by going out on a Friday or Saturday night and feel like it is prom night again. You have to regain your dating and social skills, so take it slowly, but surely.

Give yourself space and time. Give yourself a break, and take some time to heal and compose yourself. Take baby steps on your dates after your divorce. Yes, you still need to dress appropriately and nicely. You have to present yourself the best way possible to boost your confidence.

Get back into practice and relearn the fundamentals. You have been out the dating scene for quite some time now and you have possibly lost your touch, so it is time you relearn the skill set needed. Practice makes perfect so do go out. Go out on several first dates until you perfect your craft again.

Keep your date short. Going out on several first dates should be kept short. You can avoid awkward moments by keeping it short. So make it an hour or an hour and a half affair. Spend it on coffee or lunch break. Or you can also go out on a breakfast date and make sure that you have somewhere else to be after spending an hour and a half with your date. This should give you a reason to keep moving.

Quantity over quality. This is the first time you are on a date after a decade of being married, so it is best you go for quantity over quality to be familiar in the dating scene again. Things are surely different ten years ago, and you want to acquaint yourself with the changes. It may take 20 dates for you to keep on track again. So go for it.

Avoid traditional date nights. Traditional date nights would be Friday and Saturday date nights. Meet someone on other nights other than Friday or Saturday night. Go out on evening dates for a romantic and flirtatious ambience. This should allow you to remember your dating skills. You have to remember that you are going out to practice your old skills.

Don’t be scared to go out on several first dates again. You have to go and re-launch yourself into the dating world. Yes, you need time to grieve and heal from your divorce, but you don’t want to wait for two years to be out dating again. Check out Desire System.