Looking for Mr. Right is never easy. Finding something worth your while is not an easy task that is why people say that everything worth having for never comes that easy. And there is a truth behind it. For all single women looking for their Mr. Right, it is important that you spend a great deal of time getting to know the other person before agreeing on a first date. It is through asking the right questions and communication that you can determine whether the man sitting next to you is your Mr. Right.

Talking to a possible Mr. Right can only do so much compared to talking to him in person. Some things are too personal and cannot be shared over the phone. Additionally, sitting across the same person will help you read his body language and find out if there is a truth behind what he is saying. Conversing over the phone is good to establish trust and rapport so you can go on your first traditional date. On your first date, you can go over this cheat sheet to see if he is a keeper. Check his attitude towards his exes and past relationships, work and play, the things you value in your life, money, monogamy and sex, hobbies and addictions, kids, and his life in general. Checking his attitude towards these things will help you determine if a future relationship with him is viable.

Exes and past relationships. Going out on a first date with a possible partner is your opportunity to find out more about his past. Find out how he sees his past relationships and exes. If he is resentful and doesn’t claim his part of the blame, you might want to keep your distance from this type of man, especially if he refers to his exes as “bitch” or “slut”. This means only one thing“ he is not over his past relationship and is not ready to enter another committed relationship. Don’t fall for his feel-sorry-for-me-coz-I’m-the-victim act.

Work and play. You might want to avoid men who are constantly working and no play. Men that are workaholic would have no time to spend for a committed relationship. Don’t fall for he is giving you time despite his busy schedule. You don’t want to compete with his work and you don’t want to be part of his to-do list. Men who say they work hard and play hard are just looking for justification of what they do, but they never really find time to enjoy, give someone his full attention, and definitely no time for a commitment.

The things you value in your life. You don’t want to date a guy who doesn’t take note and remember the things that matter in your life. You want to find someone who you can be yourself with. You don’t want to constantly adjust your life for him so you can be compatible. You want someone who would genuinely care for you, who asks you if you are feeling better if you are suffering from cold. You want someone who would ask how your night went after spending it out with friends. Do not date someone who would ask you to change the way you are.

  • Money. It is important that you keep true to yourself and find someone who can meet your financial desires. Money is an integral part in everyone’s life. One cannot live with just love and lust. Listen to a man’s money related issues. If you think that he can complement your life and can give you the financial stability you want, go for it. However, if you are financially stable and it is okay for you to pay for both of you, and if it’s okay for your partner that you are more financially stable than him, go for it.
  • Monogamy and sex. If you want a stable, committed, and lasting relationship, surely you wouldn’t go for a guy who constantly talks about sex, and how sexy and hot you look in your dress. Men like these have bedded many women more than they can count, and you don’t want to be part of his list. If they give out the impression that they want to meet you that same day you meet him online, you have to think twice and stay away from him. Bad boys like these may appeal to some women, but if this is not the kind of thing you are looking for, you might want to look elsewhere.
  • Hobbies and addiction. Finding out if someone has an obsessive nature and had an addiction he wants to hide can be difficult, but you can certainly find out if you want. By asking about what he does in his spare time, and if he constantly talks about one thing over and over again, that guy has obsessive and addictive personality. You don’t want to date someone with an obsessive and addictive personality.
  • Kids. If the man you are keeping in touch with right now is constantly talking about his kids, and his weekends with his kids, it means that his social life revolves with them. You don’t want to compete for his attention with his kids as you will find yourself losing the game. His kids will always be the first on his list. If you want someone’s full attention, you might want to find someone who is single and doesn’t have kids.

His life in general. You want to date someone who displays a happy persona and is happy about his life in general. If you date someone happy, he will bring happiness in your life. If a guy constantly complains about his bad luck, avoid dating him. There is no such thing as bad luck. The things that are happening in his life are brought to him by himself. If he has a bad attitude towards life, then misfortunes will always come upon him. He is what he thinks he is. Check out Desire System.

These are the things you need to keep in check if you want to find someone for a lasting relationship. Of course, this cheat sheet is not absolute, but you can keep it as your guide.