Desire System, The New Revolutionary System

davidtianpuacourseIt’s just launched. What you waiting for? You best reserve your place today as David Tian does not wait around! His exciting new PUA product will be hitting the market very soon. So please make sure you have signed up!

It is set to be one of the best PUA systems on the planet. It has been uniquely designed by the top Pick up artists on the planet and will hopefully help greatly in teaching people how to attract the right woman into their lives.

Who is David Tian and what is it?

David Tian is a well known pick up artist who is based in Singapore. He provides expert advice and a lot of dating and coaching experience to everyone he meets.

One of his main selling point is that he teaches you how to make yourself more sexually desirable, by simply making some slight changes to the way in which you act around women.

The problem is too many people try to avoid the risk of being turned down. Now it’s because of this they feel they have to shrink and not allow their true being’s to shine through. After all, we are all unique in the world, even identical twin’s are unique and that is based on their attitude and general feelings towards life.

David over the years has helped coached hundreds of people, that’s right, hundreds of people all over the world, all from diverse backgrounds; Some of these countries include the UK, Australia, Europe and America (I know it’s a big place). He has a lot of fellowships and was a professor on Asian culture in some of the top universities in Asia.

Who was it created by?

It was created by David Tian . Who is a legend within the pick up artistry field, in his own right. They both have a huge following and pretty big communities backing up their stuff. So there is a lot of evidence out there to show that this stuff really does work and can actually give you that cutting edge above and beyond your competition, AKA Alpha Males.

It sort of infuses the two different methodologies and creates the next level in pick up. We aren’t talking the sleazy, notches on the bed-post pick up artist training, we are talking about connecting with the individuals and actually helping build relationships right from the start.

Now this system isn’t for everyone, if your the type of person looking for cheap tricks, ways of getting into women’s pants without any respect for the lady then turn away now, as this system has not and will never be designed around these techniques.

This system is purely for those who need a little help or guidance about attracting their soul mates. After all the laws of attraction are quite simple to understand, but once you put human’s and human emotions in the mix it makes it a little more difficult.

Will it work for you?

Well if you feel like I have described your or any aspect of your life in the above paragraph’s then this system can definitely help improve your life. What’s better again is; that you will become part of an ever growing community of like minded people; people who are perhaps stuck in the same situation; people who are wanting a friend, guidance and coaching.

This mean’s together with our expert advice and community helpers we can help guide you and other’s on the road of success.   You have nothing to loose? What’s the worst that can happen? You gain a little more knowledge of how the human mind works and how you can make slight changes to yourself to help improve your chances around women; Or even worse! You actually find your soulmate! OMG!

Anyway, find out today by clicking the link below and checking out our awesome system! I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Peace out!

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What Does Every Pick Up Artist Have In Common

Every successful and good pick up artist around have one thing in common – confidence, and a lot of it. If you are aiming to be a good pick up artist, you should have the same quality as those before you. With years of practice combined with dedication, you can surely gain that confidence and be one of the best pick up artists around the world. An average guy can be a pick up artist, and you can do this through practice, practice, and a little bit more practice.

The difficulty of practicing the art of picking up is in not knowing where to start. Well of course, you can start whenever an opportunity presents itself. Additionally, it is a must that you are comfortable around women and being with them. You have to start practicing your conversational skills with women. The confidence you have for yourself is more important than how you look. If you think you can woo a woman just like a good pick up artist can, then you can. Everything that you can think of is a possibility in reality.

Practice makes perfect. If you don’t have the confidence yet to start a conversation with a woman, then start practicing now. Try to talk with every woman you meet in bars, clubs, bookstore, market, or in the shop. Talk to them without the intention of boning them or taking them to bed. Just talk to them! You have to practice being charming, and start a friendly conversation with a woman on a daily basis. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to start up a conversation with women, being around women, and being with them.

Moreover, it is important that you never settle on only talking with the women you meet. Talk to every woman you encounter whenever an opportunity is open. With practice you will find out what works and what is not. However, it is also important that you are adaptable and creative. Remember that one trick will not work for all.

Practice! Practice! Practice! The more you practice, the wider your experience will be with women. The more experience is gained the more confident you will be with women. With your confidence, talking to women will be easier without giving away your secret of being a pick up artist. With confidence, you will be more natural with a woman, and you can create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for a good conversation. A good conversation could take you miles from where you are standing right now.

Never cease learning. Every good pick up artist is a work in progress.

Why It Is Important For Every Pick Up Artist To Keep Up With Change

The only thing constant in the world is CHANGE. As cliché as it may sound, it is the reality. Having this in mind, it is important that you go along with the changes happening all around you. As a pick up artist, you should continue learning and growing with time. Remember, that every good pick up artist is a work in progress, just like everything else.

Keeping up with the changes, and equipping yourself with knowledge is one way of attracting women. Women are attracted to men who are intelligent and purpose driven. Women like men who are ambitious and goal oriented. It shows that you have direction and purpose in life. With this, you are showing women that you are a valuable target, and you are a potential partner. Keeping up with changes, will also give you the opportunity of different topics to talk about.

Participating in the field of picking up women is not a game to be played separately from your reality. Keeping up with change means that you are in constant search to improve yourself and your craft. This will make you look more attractive to women, and women will see you in a different light. Learning from the changes all around should help you become a better pick up artist than yesterday.

Women, just like men, are looking for quality. They won’t settle for good when they can settle for the best. Why would they? Why would they settle for the second best, when they can have the best of the best? You should bear in mind that everyone seeks for the best, and not for something less. Some may have been born with natural talents, but you can surely acquire the same. The better you become, the more attractive you will be in the eyes of women.

All in all, you should never cease learning and keep on changing for the best. Don’t stop learning new things even when you already have the status of a good pick up artist. If you cease to learn and forget to keep up with the change, you will become obsolete, and you will end up with the second best in the playing field. And surely, you wouldn’t settle for less.

What Every Pick Up Artist Have In Common

If you are taking the road of becoming a good pick up artist, it is important that you become comfortable with yourself. You should be confident enough to walk in your skin and show the world what you are. The only thing in your way to become a good pick up artist is yourself. You should never compare yourself with others, and rather focus yourself in becoming good at your craft. Don’t waste your time belittling yourself. It is lethal for you, and any pick up artist, to compare yourself to anyone else.

On your journey to becoming a pick up artist, it is important that you bear in mind that there are others out there who are better than you, and who have more than what you have. Other people may have deeper pockets than you. However, you should not judge them by what you see. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover. They may be experiencing a worse problem that what you have. Having this in mind, you may be better off than them. So it is a waste of your time comparing yourself with others when you can focus all your time becoming the best pick up artist you want to become.

Belittling yourself and constantly comparing yourself with others would surely affect your confidence. To become a good pick up artist, it is important that you show confidence and you ooze with it. Becoming a good pick up artist is all about being confident. If you walk in the streets and walk into pick up artists, what you will find common in them is their confidence.

When you go out there, it is important that you don’t worry about what others can offer or how much money you have in your pocket. What you should think about is how you would show your confidence off, how to be successful in picking up a woman, how to talk to them, and how to become a valuable target in their eyes. So just relax and focus on your goal – to successfully pick up someone tonight. Be natural. Be confident. As a budding pick up artist, you should take pride in any progress you make, and you should focus your attention on the progress that you are making.

The next year or a few months after, you should look back and see how far you have achieved from point zero to where you are now. The important thing is you celebrate every progress you have made since then, no matter how small. Remember that every good pick up artist is a work in progress, and so are you.

How To Make Your First Date Strikingly Memorable

Going out on a first date is like going to the dentist the first time when you were still a kid – butterflies in your tummy. This is very natural and very understandable as the first date is the most important one among others. Your first date is the most crucial one, so you would feel the pressure to strike a good first impression, looking your best, and stepping your best foot forward. Too much pressure! However, if you take into account some dating tips, you can avoid the pressure and lift some weight off your shoulder. Leave the pressure in your closet and prepare yourself for a fun filled experience.


You made the invite, so you have to plan for what’s going to happen on your first date. Planning for your date can be very advantageous for you, so grab the chance and be creative. The most important thing that you have to think about is that both of you will be comfortable participating in an activity you have set for the evening or your date. You don’t have to plan for an expensive and lavish first date. If your first date goes well, then you can plan for an elaborate evening together or a great weekend somewhere, so hold your horses until then.

The location of your first date is integral in the success of your date. You can choose a low-key location, simple yet elegant ambience. Choose a friendly restaurant to sway away from the notion that you are going out on a romantic date. This would surely take a load off on both your shoulders. Or you can be adventurous and enjoy go-Karting, playing in the arcade, or bowling. This would surely make for a low-key and memorable first date.

Dress To Impress

Don’t forget that first impressions do count. You have to look neat and presentable, so you have to dress to impress. However, you should not take into account the location of your first date, and what your date will be wearing. You have to match each other’s outfit. Visit your favorite salon or barber if you must, and don’t forget to dress appropriately. Groom yourself for the occasion.

Something To Talk To

It is a fact that communication is a good foundation for a good relationship. At this stage of your relationship, it is important that you strike up a conversation to get to know each other on a deeper level. Going out on a date with someone is your first step to a possible relationship. Make it your mission to get to know your date the first time you go out. It is also important to step your best foot forward. However, you should keep too personal detail with you. There is always a time for too private matters to be discussed in the course of your relationship. Additionally, avoid discussing politics, religion, sex or any taboo issues. Be natural and be enthusiastic.

Physical Contact

It is a big no-no to jump right into getting physical on the first date. You don’t want your date to think that you are only after for one thing, and that is to get into her pants. A small peck on each other’s cheek would do. Remember to build a good rapport, and to be prim and proper on your first date.

Be Natural and Be Honest

It is very important that you have established a sense of honesty on your first date. Act natural and be true to yourself. You don’t want to complicate your relationship in the future because you were wearing a mask on your first date. If you are honest with your date, your date would give you the same honesty.

First dates are all about building rapport, and grasping a good sense of what the other person really is. So, it is very important for you to be honest, to be true to yourself, striking up a good conversation, and planning for a memorable date all the way. You have to plan, but remember to keep your mind open. Spontaneity is good as well.

What To Avoid On Your First Date

Here are the things you should avoid so you will not be a total turn off in the eyes of your date.

Bad Hygiene. It is a major turn off if you show up unprepared. Unprepared means that you did not care to shower, or comb your hair, smelling bad, wearing crumpled up shirts and tattered jeans, and looking horrible in general. Not only that this is a major turn off, but it also means that you did not make an effort to look your best on your first date. First impressions do count, so make sure that you give out a good one. Remember that this is your first date and you have to bring your best foot forward.

Being Late. It is very important that you show respect to your date by not showing up late for your first date out. If there is a chance that you would be late because of bad traffic or something, have the courtesy to inform your date that you will be running late.

Lying. Lying is a big no-no especially on the first date. The first date serves as the foundation of any possible future relationship. You don’t want to give out false information and suffer living through it. You don’t want to become your lie. So, it is important that you keep true to yourself and to be honest. You don’t need to pretend to be someone else to impress someone. You have to believe in yourself and be comfortable in your skin. Women like men that are confident. They also like men who they can trust and who can be honest with them.

Bragging. Confidence is good, but bragging is not, especially if you are bragging about your money. Your achievements in life are something you have to be proud of, but bragging about it and overdoing it is not. You don’t want to let the whole world know how much money you have in your bank account. Most importantly, you don’t want to expose yourself from being conned and attract con artists. So, keeping it low-key is a good idea, don’t you think? Additionally, you want someone to like you for who you are, not for what you have in your bank account.

Showing Up Drunk. Drinking a glass of wine prior to meeting your date is good to calm your nerves. However, showing up drunk is not. Remember, first impressions count. Additionally, you will not only embarrass yourself by showing up drunk, but you are also embarrassing your date. Furthermore, you are making yourself vulnerable. If in any case you are left alone for the night, you are exposing yourself to danger. So keep your liquor to the minimum.

Dressing Inappropriately. You have to make sure that what you are wearing is appropriate to the location of your date, and that it matches what your date is wearing for the night. You have to bring your best foot forward on your first date. You don’t want to leave your date remembering you by your baggy jumper or crumpled shirt.

Reminiscing About Your Exes and Keeping Busy With Your Mobile Phone. You don’t want to spend your entire night talking about your heartbreak and relationship failure. You don’t want your date to think that you are not over with your past relationships. Additionally, it is impolite to not give your date the attention needed. So keep your mobile phone to where it belongs, and give your date the attention she deserves.

Smoking. Some may like smoking, some may dislike. So this part may be debatable. If your date smokes, maybe you can share a smoking spot for it will never be an issue. It is important that you ask first, and if your date doesn’t like it, then you can try to refrain from smoking in front of her. Later in the relationship, you can discuss further about your smoking habit and what to do about it.

It is important that you present yourself in the best manner possible. Remember that your first date is the first time you meet each other in person, and it is important that you build rapport, trust, and a good foundation for a possible future relationship. So keep yourself in check and give a good first impression.